Sunday, 3 June 2012


"Has it ever happened, 
that as you were reading a book, 
you kept stopping as you read, 
not because you weren’t interested, 
but because you were: 
because of a flow of ideas, stimuli, associations? 
Simply put, 
have you ever read while looking up from your book?"
-Roland Barthes-

Almost ten years ago as I had the greatest opportunity to receive a scholarship and attend UNIVERSITà DELL'IMMAGINE, MA of the five senses in Milan, where I met a wealth of fantastic teachers. 

Amongst them, my now fantastic friend Letizia, who has dedicated her life (and one a PhD) to the pleasure of reading. She started a blog, which I find essential and thought-provoking.

It's called readinginterrupted.

May your readings be always scented my special friend!

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