Sunday, 3 June 2012


Last Friday at the Institute of Philosophy researchers from Oxford University and the audience (including me) were discussing about the connections between scent and sound stimuli.

There may or may not be a scientific explanation, however our human senses and instinct play a special role in saying that there are some correspondences, like our old dear friend Baudelaire used to say.

Today I then decided to make an experiment. I sprayed on my musician friend Guerlain's Acqua Allegoria Pamplelune, asking what it sounded like to her.

Without her knowing anything about the perfume, she played a sonatina, referring to a simplistic, child-like accord. She said that "some violins are in there too". From wikipedia: a sonatina is a shorter, light in character composition.

Just referring to Maison Guerlain's own words, the perfume is described as a "short but concentrated formula, result of an alchemy of simplicity and sophistication". 

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