Monday, 9 April 2012


London, 27 February 2012
Today feels incredibly rewarding and marks history in my professional experience: my perfume training has been used by a charitable organisation which cares for sensory impaired people. 
S Sense has designed and delivered a customized synesthetic workshop around scents for the staff of a centre which cares for deaf and blind people. The objective of the training was for the staff to learn how to deliver effective treatments, using scents.
It was an honor and a pleasure for me and the staff were incredibly enthusiastic. I am so pleased that the approach S Sense has designed, combining the sense of smell and sensory stimuli, can positively affect their daily work!
If you are a charity or organisations that care for different disabilities and ill patients, get in touch. Together we can discuss how the synesthetic experience of perfume can enhance your service users lives.

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  1. great Nic, I'm proud of you, you look very happy in this picture - love the big smile :)

    and i'm also wondering if we should try to put you in touch with the Blindenverband in Vienna, who knows if they could be interested in setting up something together?


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