Saturday, 14 June 2014


This month my nose was actively involved in two exhibitions in Italy. This will be the first blog post of two. Scent trip number one is Milan.

Milan, Italy's business capital and one of the world's design capitals, is experiencing a major urban transformation as the city prepares itself to host the Universal Exposition EXPO 2015, where the theme is "Feeding the planet, Energy for life".

Scent has recently been featured as a language to talk about such change at "Muovere le Acque", an independent art and architecture exhibition organised in the Rho area, now a working site turning, in less than an year, into the EXPO 2015 area.

The Italian expression "Muovere le acque" literally meaning "moving waters", translates into English as "rocking the boat", where movement is understood as "a positive and propositional attitude shared by the whole community." 

7 artists were invited to create works on elements such as water and greenery, themes at the core of recent debates on urban transformation. "Muovere le acque" also featured an exhibition about "water architect" Giulio Minoletti and a "garden-therapy" section.

Amongst the art installations, "Water House", an installation by Italian artist Isabella Mara, which I helped in the making, with an Air Sculpture® kindly made by Scent Composer and Master Perfumer Christophe Laudamiel

WaterHouse is an environment-work, awakening the memory of the sea through the senses of smell and that of sound, which have been installed in a caravan. In this "moving home",  home is intended as a state of mind, as the combination of dreams, thoughts and experiences which are part of us, which we encounter traveling, ultimately as a moment for meeting and sharing with others. 

Surrounded by a "sensory sea shell", inside WaterHouse visitors share their memory, suggesting that a shared memory, even when designed, is a meeting space. 

Isabella and I. Photo by Ylbert Durishti

WaterHouse by Isabella Mara
Air Sculpture® by Christophe Laudamiel DreamAir New York
Production Nicola Pozzani, Fragrance Lecturer, Kingston University London / Bern University of the Arts.
Exhibition curated by Alessandra Alliata Nobili

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