Sunday, 30 March 2014


“Light and scent are the most elementary and most emotional phenomena of our culture”

One of the most innovative art shows I have ever seen has opened at Mianki art gallery in Berlin. “Emotions” brings the visual and olfactory aesthetics of photo painter Jakob Kupfer and that of scent artist Christophe Laudamiel together for the very first time. 

Directed by Andreas Hermann, Mianki is an art gallery showcasing the work of artists who have a peculiar use of material. Introducing art work made of light and scent, both immaterial, “Emotions” encourages visitors to experience art through the dual sensory modality of sight and smell together, provoking absolutely new, “private perceptions” in visitors. 

The work of Kupfer and Laudamiel finds common ground in the evanescent and ever-changing nature of light and scent and the kaleidoscope of emotions they generate. What’s more, with the introduction of specific objects carrying scent, this exhibition helps defining the way in which this media is effectively shown and sold as art piece. 

This unmissable show is on until 19 April 2014 in Berlin Schoeneberg, with a Kuenstlergespraech (talk) taking place on 5 April at 17,00 hrs. Find more here.  Foto: Fuercho GmbH

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