Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Christophe and me. Photo by Francesca Faruolo

There is a new destination and new friends in my delivery of olfactory inspiration around the world: Berlin and Les Christophs respectively. But let's go back a square.

Earlier this year I gave a perfume session at Scent World in NYC. On the panel of speakers was Master Perfumer Christophe Laudamiel too, one of the world's greatest scent artists, who with Perfumer Christoph Hornetz has been scenting quite some air and skin around the world.

Sharing passion for scents and education, we got soon together again as Christophe kindly visited our Design With Scents course in London. It was then the time for Berlin, where we hosted DUFT-VISIONS ("scent-visions" in German).

This was a fantastic opportunity to explore our sense of smell and olfactory art - thanks to all the enthusiastic noses who joined us from all over Europe.

We will be back soon!


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