Friday, 26 October 2012


"You really have changed my perception of perfume!", 

said a gentleman to me at a very much enjoyed Perfume Networking Event I ran last Wednesday. Considering that my mission statement is "aiming to change people's attitude towards perfume" I couldn't have been any happier!

Held at the Weiss Gallery in central London, home to one of Europe's finest collections of Tudor art, the networking event was organised by the Westminster Business Council.

The superb location offered the perfect room for networking and learning. After a tour of the gallery's highlights, I took our attendees through a scent journey, where they got to know each other through the experience of perfume and explored how scents can enhance their projects.

Thanks to the attendees for coming and for the very favourable feedback:

Thanks for the very inspiring presentation/workshop. I was inspired and never see scents in same light again. Even smelled the grapefruit in the morning before eating it and it did have an effect to wake me up! 

Thank you for a very enjoyable and interesting evening.

Thank you for a fascinating and well-delivered talk last night at the Weiss Gallery. 

I enjoyed it immensely and found what I learned very useful. 

I enjoyed your talk very much. 

Many thanks to the WBC and the Weiss Gallery for impeccable organisation.

Till the next scent journey

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