Sunday, 30 September 2012


Yesterday brought another fantastic scent journey. As part of S Sense's mission to enhance people's lives through the experience of perfume, I guided a "Meditation and Fragrance" session. It was aimed at healing ourselves and increasing our wellbeing through a unique combination of meditation and the use of essential oils.

We started to bring clarity and energy to our system through our breath. C., for whom I ran this session, said she wanted to work on her heart. We then smelled a selection of essential oils: woods, resins and flowers this time, and explored which ones would resonate with her heart. She chose two: a comforting wood and a warm floral.

Just like me, over time she has been practicing meditation and using essential oils to enhance her life.

This approach is the result of years of yoga and meditation practice and the study of scents. I am very thankful to my teachers and the perfumers who helped me to gain a holistic understanding of fragrance. There is also a nice book, "Subtle Aromatherapy" by Patricia Davis, a good input to explore the use of scents for mental and emotional states.

This year, I felt like it was time for me share all this with others.


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  1. Just love this and a ritual I do often and recommend it for my clients.

    So powerful and healing as well as helping us to connect with the essence of who we are.


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