Thursday, 2 August 2012


I have just come back from another afternoon of scented inspiration.

Marianne, my fantastic perfumer friend, and I created an inspiring synesthetic perfume workshop for two enthusiastic friends who have just started a candle-making venture.

By exploring a selection of materials suitable for blending in wax, they discovered the naturals, the synthetics, the actual ingredients, the isolates, which make the fantastic language of perfume. Eventually they practiced the language and created their two first-ever candle scents.

Their enthusiasm was overwhelming and they couldn't stop saying what a revelation it all was. The most rewarding moment was when L. looked at me and said: "It is really an art form!". "Isn't it?!", I answered her, as I remembered what a revelation it all appeared to me in the first place... How rewarding to hear that coming back to me now.

We feel truly lucky for having shared our passion with them. It is priceless, to show someone what I believe is beautiful. I do it with scents. Inspiring, lighting people's flame of curiosity, seeing a scent talk to the human experience is the greatest job in the world.

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