Friday, 3 February 2012


Last post was about smell and architecture. They may seem two world far apart but they are actually very near.

Some time ago I was a student at Universit√† dell'Immagine, an MA about the five senses in Milan, where one of the leading teacher was award-winning architect Anna Barbara. She was holding a (much acclaimed amongst student at the time) Sensory Design course, just one of the sensory education experiences she's been doing around the world in her career.

Some time later she kindly asked me to feature some of my research about perfume in Parma in her book Invisible Architecture, Experiencing Places Through the Sense of Smell. Co-written by Anthony Perliss, the book argues about "recent instances of an architecture that is seeking to reappropriate the invisible dimension of olfaction in order to imbue the experience of places with greater meaning".

The book is available on Amazon, both in English and Italian.

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