Monday, 26 September 2011


Dearest Mark,

I am writing to you today to tell you that I feel your art, and to thank you.

One of my shrines, as my uber friend Karolina has kindly mentioned, is your room at Tate. From time to time, I spend qualitative meditative time there and I was deeply saddened when you were taken away for some time (I was told that you were on loan, travelling).

Your art rescued me today.

I can feel what you're saying or at least I can feel it my way. A message comes through to me.

Frame of nothingness / of everything 

Announcing frame: something is happening

interaction - depth. I want to enter, to go beyond this door. Want to explore, to travel through this infinite. 

Very dramatic, very safe. 

Scary, a warning.

Therapeutical effect: a safe grip from my own very dramatic emotions

Density of human emotions - blood.

Reassuring frame. On screen, I'm seeing the world from the wombs.

Thank God you're back!

I am only afterwards to learn more about the intentions behind this work of art

"They're meant to be objects of contemplation, solitaire meditations, demanding the viewer's complete absorption, on which he feels totally enveloped" 

And only tonight to learn more about your story and that the world has created another place for us to pray and gather around your art.

The nearest art form to me is the art of expressing through scent. Just like yours it's an art that can transmit something and take you back to the essence. I'm reading Journal d'un Parfumeur which is teaching me more about how much this is an expressive job (you should really read this book - it's in French so you'll have to learn the language first, which you should do as it's a wonderful language to express things).

You brought me back to my zero point. Thank you.

May I learn from your art how to stay tuned to my essence and speak to the human soul.


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