Monday, 11 April 2011

CALONE (And then perfumers could take you to the see)

In perfumery, the discovery of a new molecule allows the creation of new perfumed landscapes. It is since the 80s that it’s been possible to “depict” a seashore, to create a marine-fresh feeling with scent. Something that became then a trend in the 90s (EAU D'ISSEY - COOL WATER - ESCAPE, just to give you a smelling reference). This happened thanks to the introduction of a molecule called CALONE in perfumery, which is still a very popular synthetic perfume ingredient. Read more in this article by perfume scientist Luca Turin.

Today I am smelling CALONE as it will be one of the ingredients that my students will study on Sunday at the next perfume workshop, where they will learn about perfume using their sense of taste.

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