Wednesday, 23 March 2011


I am getting happier and happier at hosting LE LABO SYNESTHETIC SERIES perfume workshops.

Last Sunday I had a truly amazing group of students who came from very different walks of life but were all very genuinely inspired by smell culture. I am gonna tell you a little bit who they are (hoping they won't mind!). Artur at home has a smell library of 40 among the finest basic raw materials used in the perfume industry that he's slowly memorising, and was asking me about how to take his perfume education further. Louise coming from Central Saint Martin's and now designing her own woman fashion label  and her friend Hollie, a shoe designer who was very engaged exploring the concept of "innocent summer youth" in perfume. Maddalena from a Museum experience who wrote a dissertation on "Esthetics of perfume" and wrote a beautiful post about the workshop on her blog. Then we had Jenny, a philosophy phD student who has written a compelling piece on the philosophical interpretation of scent through the centuries and finally Lindsey who is the Art and Travel editor of an online trend magazine. They all were really enthusiastic and worked together on exploring the connection between a family of odours, some perfume compositions, colors and images. They accessed their baggage of memories, emotions, sensations and created some very interesting synesthetic scenarios. A big thank you to them whose entusiasm and passion came back to me.

This is the first time an interactive perfume course for the public is offered, I put so much effort and passion in giving people the chance to learn about this discipline, to make them discover how much perfume is a creative language, an art form. And how much every one, as it happens with music, painting or other art forms, can find their truly unique own story in it. Our workshops are sold out: the enthusiasm and Sunday's feedback are telling me that this project has to be taken further. I am officially on the prowl.

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  1. Thank you for sharing my post, Nicola!
    As I told, the workshop was deligthful. I'm so glad that you enjoyed your time with us, too!
    Your blog is very inspiring!



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