Saturday, 19 February 2011


Last night I was having a walk in the snow with Daniele, one of my all-time dearest friends. We've spent endless "baroque moments" together, as I often visit him and my iconic, boundless, priceless, life-rescuing group of Siclian friends. We've always shared with a certain emphasis the sweet and the sour of life, talked about our inner big-bangs and outer visions and how to survive and joy with all that, usually surrounded by the stunning South-eastern Sicilian scenarios that have become so dear to me.

Daniele is also known as fashion designer Daniele Carlotta, in fact last night he took me to the Dolce & Gabbana store in Via Spiga 2 Milan, as he had something to make my heart go boom. One of his creations was there, shining through the store window. He's designed a whole terrific collection which is now being sold under his label at their store. I'm so truly joyful and proud to see his star glow. Daniele is an example of how integrity, passion, joy and honesty to your life story make things happen.  Go to the store and check his work yourself.

I thought to put it here as the inspiration behind the collection is actually... perfume! It will be soon time to create a scent for his vision, or at least to know more about the inspiration... Daniele, would you like to tell us something more about that?

S/S 11 collection. Model Nicoletta Cannata.

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